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Tips for Blending Antiques and New Decor

Updated: Oct 11, 2022

Antiquing is one of my favorite things to do, which works out good since antiques are a huge part of our small business. Antiques add character to a space, and their worn appearance add a cozy element that I just love. One of my favorite ways to decorate is blending old and new décor together.

Filling vintage vessels with greenery is a great way to blend old and new decor together. For this patriotic display, I added our Aberdeen Sea Holly Bush to the large butter churn and added a couple flags. In the small suit case, I tucked a half-sphere in next to the vintage books and grain sack pillow.

Crates are another great way to incorporate vintage pieces in your home. These can be used for organization or to hold your favorite new or old decor and they add so much character to a space.

I absolutely LOVE adding vintage books throughout my home. Their old, worn look add a cozy element to any space. You can use them to stack items on for extra height OR you can simply add them to a book shelf between corbels ( pictured below).

Vintage Rolling Pins have a special place in my heart. If you are looking for vintage kitchen decor, these are a MUST! They typically have GORGEOUS wood tones and some of them have painted handles. I love to mix and match them for a collected look. Gather them all in a beautiful crock to finish the look.

Adding vintage pieces to your home gives it a collected look. Decorating this way definitely takes time as you search for pieces that speak to you, but the hunt is so much fun! Happy Antiquing!

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