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Neutral Home Decor from Amazon

Amazon has some great neutral decor pieces right now that are very affordable. One of my favorite things about neutral decor is how versatile it is throughout the seasons.

1. This faux olive tree would look great tucked in the corner of a bedroom or living room. I don't personally care for the black pot that the tree is in, but that can be easily hidden with a cute basket.

2. These brass candle holders are gorgeous and could easily be used year round. Just simply change out the taper color, or keep them classic white for use all year.

3. This wood knot makes a great farmhouse coffee table or shelf decor piece. This would look great setting atop some books with some potted greenery.

4. These water hyacinth baskets are both practical and aesthetically pleasing. These can be used for to keep the clutter hidden and look great sitting on a shelf or a table. Plus the handles make for easy carrying.

5. I always incorporate greenery into all of my spaces. Greenery always warms up a room and brings some life to your spaces. You can always go with real houseplants, or if you are like me and forget to water there are plenty of beautiful faux options to choose from. This three piece set would be a great place to start and is decently priced.

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